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Resolute Running is proud to have VOOM as the official event sponsor of The Ultra Loop, a leading sports nutrition and energy brand that will be providing a wide range of nutritious energy bars and hydration products at the event. Their range will be available for everyone to use at the aid stations, and we will be sending out discount codes to participants leading up to the event so everyone can get their hands on some of the best pocket fuel and hydration products out there.

"VOOM launched in 2019 as a the result of a quest to find a tasty and effective alternative to traditional energy gels which don’t cause stomach upset. The Pocket Rocket energy bar allows you to pace your energy and offers twice the energy of a gel in four easy, melt in the mouth bites - plus no sticky mess! The range is complimented by recovery products and hypotonic, nootropic hydration drinks with all products focusing on stomach comfort, palatability and performance."



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