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In alignment with She Races, below you can find our commitments to ensure that Resolute Running events are inclusive of all genders. We aim to break down the barriers of female participants in endurance sports.

Level the start line

Inclusive imagery - We will do our upmost to ensure that we use promotional materials including female participants in all future marketing across our website and social media channels. We will be encouraging the women of our events to find their place at the front of the start line.

Race formats, overviews and descriptions - Resolute Running was created with one goal; create inclusive and accessible events for everyone. Our events are and will always be formatted in a way that can welcome runners of all abilities and will always be described as such.

Generous cut offs - Our events are either based on time or distance. The timed events have the same cut off for everyone running, the goal of those events is to simply run as far as you can in that time. The distance events have very generous cut offs that should hopefully allow anyone to reach their distance goal. For example, our 50km events have a cut off of 8 hours, allowing for a pace of almost 10 minutes per kilometre or 15 minutes per mile.

Planning and information - All event information is available via our website and we welcome questions via email or our community Facebook group where all entrants are welcomed.

Deferral policies - We allow deferrals of up to 2 years for women whose entry was affected by pregnancy or adoption. Entries can also be transferred to other individuals or to other events.

Equal the experience

Toilets and changing facilities - While we cannot guarantee changing facilities at all events, every event will have access to either portaloo style toilets or toilets provided by the event location, for example at a running track.

Safety - During our events there are always several members of staff and a medical team to ensure the safety of all participants. Alongside this, our runners agreement includes that participants should be considerate of others at all times in terms of passing, crowding and other behaviour relating to race etiquette.

T-shirts that fit - We have teamed up with Presca to bring our event participants sustainable merchandise that has separate fits for male and female.

Female hygiene - We will have period products available at our aid stations and in the toilets.

Other needs - If any participants have additional needs such as breastfeeding, we encourage them to contact us prior to the event to make the appropriate arrangements which would include us providing a chair and safe space.

Respect the competition

Equal coverage - All coverage following any of our events across our website and social media channels will include the results and achievements of both male and female participants. Photography and film will include coverage of everyone who participates in our events.

If you have any other questions or requests, please get in touch.

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